Your One Stop Shop For Eliminating Winter Cleaning Woes

Your One Stop Shop For Eliminating Winter Cleaning Woes


It’s that time of year again; the time where snow, sludge and ice melt gets tracked into your building on a regular basis leaving behind that white powdery residue. Not only is this ice melt residue unattractive for clients and employees, it can also be dangerous to your floors. The chemical compounds found in ice melt have the potential to eat through the floor finish and, over longer periods of time, potentially permanently damage flooring. What’s the solution? Regular vacuuming and mopping of floors is recommended year round to maintain your floor’s sustainability and shine. Unfortunately, when it comes to ice melt, your standard floor cleaning solutions just won’t cut it. With the sodium chloride and/or calcium chloride found in ice melt a neutral floor cleaning solution is recommended to ensure the life of the floor.

With the responsibility of managing the aspects a growing business, adding regular floor cleaning and supervision of cleaning employees is an added hassle business owners and managers should not have to deal with. That’s where we come in. WDCS provides the manpower, the know-how, and the oversight to ensure your office, restaurant or small business stays sparkling clean during these dreaded winter months, and all year round.

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