7 Steps To Ladder Safety

7 Steps To Ladder Safety


With spring in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to get some cleaning done inside and outside your home. At WDCS we always suggest that you go with the professionals, especially when it comes to cleaning hard to reach places like gutters, high windows, and ceilings but if you are set on doing it yourself here are some important tips to follow anytime you’re using a ladder.


1 Danger can be present no matter what height, always secure your ladder before climbing and be sure it is secure and on firm ground. Don’t be in a hurry, that’s how accidents happen.


2 Don’t over climb on a ladder. Leave yourself room to grab on to something; either the ladder or something above you, never use the top step of a step ladder.

The big battle in ladder safety is “3 points of contact” vs. “3 points of control.” Listen to ladder expert Dave Francis discuss this “3 points” debate. Dave answers 10 questions on fall protection vs. fall prevention, fiberglass ladders destroyed by the sun, and more. www.creativesafetysupply.com http://creativesafetypublishing.com/podcasts/


3 Never place your ladder against a gutter. Always be sure your ladder is placed against something solid. If you place your ladder against a gutter it could easily slip and or damage the gutter. Place your ladder under the gutter or use a Stand-off Stabilizer if you need to access the roof


Ladder bar


4 Make sure your ladder is on level ground. If the ground is not level use a sturdy piece of wood to level out or even better; purchase a ladder with built in leveling feet to be certain you are secure.


5 Be careful not to over reach to one side on a tall ladder as it can flip on you. Either have someone secure the bottom of the ladder while you climb, place sandbags and the base or use stabilizing feet on your ladder to do the job.


ladder overreach


6 Make sure you set your ladder up properly, not too steep up or too far out. The ratio should be 4 up and 1 out. Check the side of your ladder for a symbol letting you know what pitch to set the ladder at, when that arrow is facing up you will know it is set up right


Ladder Safety Pictogram


7 Have 3 points of contact with the ladder- 2 feet and 1 hand


So remember these 7 simple steps to ladder safety this year no matter what your doing because its never worth the risk. If you’re thinking of avoiding the risk altogether by hiring a professional give us a call and let us handle all your window, exterior and indoor cleaning

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