Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash

Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash


Soft Washing Vs Pressure Washing

Spring has sprung! We are getting into warmer weather, sunnier days and the perfect time for spring cleaning. But Don’t forget about the exterior of your house this year, Spring is the perfect time to clean off the beating your vinyl, brick and stucco siding has been taking through the fall and winter months. It may be tempting to pull out the garden hose or call a friend with a power washer but here are a few reasons you should consider letting the professionals soft wash your home this year instead of these other options.
With Soft Washing; Your Home Stays Clean Longer
Using a pressure washer cleans up the exterior of a building and makes it look a lot nicer but it doesn’t get under the vinyl or into the cracks and crevices of the brick or stone on your home and it leaves behind mold and mildew to grow back faster next time. Soft wash uses a chemical solution that kills that bacteria, algae and mold that grows on your siding over time and lasts 4-6 times longer than power washing.

Soft Washing Is Safer

This is true especially if you’re a DIY fan. If not done properly, power washing can damage the exterior of your home, nearby plants and possibly even a nosey stray cat. If you get too close to older brick or vinyl, the high pressure can cause small brick or mortar cracks to grow larger and potentially even break off pieces of vinyl. Soft washing is much lower powered water pressure, it relies on the chemical to do the job and is safe for your home, landscaping and family (and even that wandering pet).

Trust the Professionals this year with your home exterior cleaning needs and consider the benefits of soft wash.

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